The euHS_I Inventory

- is a comprehensive list of used and/or proposed indicators identified in 43 national and international health system performance assessment (HSPA) and health information initiatives

- was developed in the context of the BRIDGE Health project within the work stream evaluation of health care systems

- contains 2168 health and health system indicators identified in a structured review process (2010-2016) of 43 HSPA reports, policy and research documents, consultation and opinion papers, project reports, meeting minutes and other corresponding electronic documents available in English

- lists indicator names and corresponding meta-information including definition and

- classifies indicators into 20 thematic chapters along the structure of the Health at a Glance report from 2015 and the OECD health care quality indicators (HCQI) framework.

euHS_I inventory authors and copyright holders (© HealthSystemIntelligence & Medical University of Vienna 2017) bear no responsibility for the use of the euHS_I inventory, or for interpretations or inferences based on this use. The responsibility for users' research, projects and publications using euHS_I inventory and in particular with regard to the research results lies solely with the user.

Although reasonable efforts to provide all the available information of the included indicators, euHS_I inventory authors and copyright holders (© HealthSystemIntelligence & Medical University of Vienna 2017) make no warranties (express or implied) or representations of any kind as to their accuracy, currency or completeness.

A detailed guide on how to interpret the entries of the inventory including a screenshot of the inventory is provided here.

For free download of the database click here.

Download and use of the inventory is conditional upon any resulting work/publication citing the inventory's web link ( and the relevant publications as listed below:

Perić N, Hofmarcher-Holzhacker MM, Simon J. (forthcoming) Headline indicators for monitoring the performance of healthcare systems: Findings from the european Health Systems_Indicator (euHS_I) survey. Archives of Public Health.

Perić N, Hofmarcher-Holzhacker MM, Simon J. Health system performance assessment landscape at the EU level: a structured synthesis of actors and actions. Archives of Public Health. 2017; 75(1):5.